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Dates of Competition

Thursday May 9, 2019     Competition begins at 4:30 PM - NOTE: This is 30 minutes earlier than in previous years. 
Friday May 10, 2019       Competition begins at 4:00 PM - NOTE: This is an hour later than in the past.
Saturday May 11, 2019   Competition begins at 9:00 AM (Road race begins at 8:00)
(Opening Ceremonies 12:15 noon on Saturday).

Notes to the Schedule of Events

  • The times listed for Thursday, Friday and Saturday are approximations.
  • On race day, coaches must go to the tent and circle the number next to the athlete's (or relay's) name to confirm that the runner or relay is running.This process takes place in the Check-Off Tent. We'd appreciate a line through the name of all scratched athletes. IMPORTANT: IF THERE IS NO CIRCLED NUMBER NEXT TO A RUNNER'S OR RELAY'S NAME, WE WILL ASSUME THE ATHLETE IS SCRATCHED. THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RUN. These circles must be placed at least an hour before the race.
  • Competitors entered in the track events must confirm their entry with the clerk ONE HOUR previous to their event.
  • The clerk of the course will call for athletes approximately two events in advance.
  • Relay cards may have up to 6 names on them. If your card has only 4 names on it and there is an injury which prohibits the participation of one of the athletes, you will not be allowed to substitute.
  • Qualifying for the next round- There will be two rounds in the 100m, 200m and high hurdles. The 200m is on Friday, while the highs and 100m are on Saturday. The top 8 will make it to the finals.
  • The 400m, 400 hurdles, 4 X 100 and 4 X 400 are one round (held on Saturday).
  • All events of 800m or longer will be finals by sections.
  • Weight Implements - Competitors in the discus, shot put and javelin may use their own implements, which, in turn, must be weighed and inspected.
  • Starting Heights for Pole Vault - Men (11' 6" up to 12' 6", then up 6"). Women (8' 6" up to 9' 6", then up 6").
  • Starting Heights for High Jump - Men (5' 6" up 3" to 6'. Then up 2"). Women (4' 6" up 3" to 5'. Then up 2").
  • Field Events Flight Order- In events which call for flights, the top seeded flight will participate last.
  • Prizes will be presented on the awards stand on the infield. Please have your athlete ready to participate when the call is made.
  • Fully automatic timing will be used.
  • First Aid- Coaches are asked to supply their own first aid supplies. Emergency treatment will be available.
  • Scratch rule in effect. Athletes qualifying for finals MUST run or they will be disqualified from all other competition.
  • New York Jewelry rule is in effect. An athlete may not wear any jewelry.
  • Nick Panaro Relays: The Nick Panaro 4 X 400 Relay is held on Friday, while the Nick Panaro 4 X 800 is the opening event on Saturday.  Schools from any state may compete in these relays. Combined with those relays are the Section 1 Relays (for teams from the counties of Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland and Westchester),  so that after the race two sets of medals will be distributed. A Section 1 team may be eligible for two medals in the same race. Athletes who compete in a Nick Panaro Relay may not compete in a varsity relay of the same distance. The purpose of these non-scoring relays is to encourage more participation from schools. We also hope to reduce the number of athletes that could possibly enter the 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m.These events are the perfect vehicle for your athletes who are not capable of meeting the meet standards. YOU MAY ENTER TWO TEAMS IN EACH RELAY!!!!!
  • Participation limits: The limit of participation is four events.
  • Starting blocks. Teams may use the starting blocks provided by meet management. Blocks provided by other schools must be reviewed by meet management prior to their use.


Specific eligibility requirements shall be those established by the State High school Association under which a student regularly competes. However, in no case may an athlete exceed these limits.
AGE:No athlete may compete who has reached his or her 19th birthday earlier than July 1st of the preceding calendar year.DURATION OF COMPETITION:No athlete may compete who has already fulfilled four consecutive seasons of track and field after entry into the ninth grade and prior to graduation.

Rules of the Competition:

A student may compete in any four events. In the application of this rule, the coach and athlete are reminded that the limits of participation set forth by the student's own association may not be exceeded. All other aspects of the competition are governed by the current edition of the National Federation Track and Field rules.


Our Mondo 400 meter running track contains eight 48 inch lanes. Jumping and vaulting approaches have Mondo surfacing. Discus and shot put circles are concrete. The javelin runway is grass. Only shoes with 1/8" or 1/4" pyramid spikes or flats will be permitted on the Mondo surfaces. Spikes with a hexagonal base which protrude above the sole of the shoes are prohibited.


So that events (including field events) can be properly seeded, coaches must provide a performance for each athlete entered. Running event times are to be reported to DirectAthletics for the corresponding metric distance. Report field event performances in feet/inches.


The Loucks Memorial Combined Men's and Women's Events Championship Trophy will be awarded to the school that accumulates the highest points total found by adding its scores in men's and women's events based on 10-8-6-4-2-1.To be eligible for a combined trophy, a school must score in BOTH men's and women's events.

After the Combined Champion has been determined, high point trophies will be awarded in each of the following categories, based on 10-8-6-4-2-1:

  • Combined Events Runner-Up
  • Combined Events Third Place
  • Men's Events Champion Men's Events Runner-Up
  • Women's Events Champion Women's Events Runner-Up

Trophies will be awarded for most outstanding male and female performers.


The meet will be conducted on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 9-11, 2019, regardless of weather, unless a decision is reached by noon Wednesday (based upon severe weather or forecast thereof) to cancel. If the meet is canceled, participating schools will be notified and entry fees refunded. Otherwise, the meet will be held as scheduled and individual schools will have to decide whether or not to send their athletes if the weather proves to be inclement. In the event of rain on the day of the meet, we may consider having the High Jump indoors.