Soooo, You're New to the Loucks Games! Here is a Guide to Help You. 
Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 2:30PM
Loucks Games

Coach, if this is your first time at Loucks, thank you for accepting our invitation and joining us. Below are some answers to a few frequently asked questions.


How do I enter the meet?

The first thing that you must do is email the meet director( ) to let him know that you intend to have your team participate. This email must reach the meet director by April 17th,  so that the NFHS can be notified.

Entry for Loucks is easy. (a) Look on our website and click the link for “Entry Procedure”.   There, click on the link for our cover page and print two copies (one for you – one for us). (b) Look at our list of standards and please enter athletes who you feel are capable of hitting those marks. (c) Enter the actual names of the athletes and seeds on (d) Mail the cover sheet and proof of payment – a check (either personal or school), money order, school voucher or school PO. to us, along with the cover sheet.

What are the Nick Panaro Relays?

These non-scoring, non-trophy-winning relays were the creation of former meet director, Nick Panaro. With the tough meet standards, and the high demand to participate, these relays were created to give more area athletes a chance to participate. The relays, which are for athletes from ANY STATE, are a combination of two formerly separate races, the TriState Relays  and the Section 1 Relays, (for teams in the NY counties of Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess and Putnam). After the heats are completed, two sets of medals are issued – one for the top 5 overall finishers (these are the Nick Panaro results) and then the top 5 teams from the aforementioned counties. A Section 1 team finishing in the top five overall places is eligible for two sets of awards. Teams may enter two teams in each of these relays.

Can I enter a team in both the Nick Panaro Relay and the Varsity Relay?

Yes, however, an athlete may participate in only one of the races that are the same distance (an athlete who runs in the Nick Panaro 4 X 400 may not run in the Varsity 4 X 400 – same applies to the 4 X 800s).

Why would I enter my NY, NJ or CT relay team in the Nick Panaro Relay and not the Varsity Relay?

(a)    Let’s say you have a good 4 X 400 or 4 X 800, but you don’t think that you can compete with the teams in the varsity races. You can put your best team in the Nick Panaro and have a better chance to receive medals.

(b)   You have a relay entered in the varsity and want to give some of your other athletes a chance to participate and gain medals.

(c)    Remember, no athlete may run in both events (of the same distance).

Can I have an athlete run the Nick Panaro 4 X 400 and the Varsity 4 X 800 (or for that matter, the Nick Panaro 4 X 800 and the varsity 4 X 400)?

Yes, restrictions apply only to races of the same distance.

OK, I’m entered now what?

Look for updates on our website. On Monday, May 9th, we will have our seeding meeting. By the evening of Tuesday the 10th, on our website, we will list the seeds, in order, for all races and field events.

What happens if I forget to enter an athlete?

As long as you catch your mistake by May 2nd it is OK. Just go to and add the athlete.

It’s after the due date and I want to enter an athlete that was not previously entered or I want to switch events for one or more of my athletes. May I?

Coach, we will have more than 350 teams at the meet. Imagine the chaos if they all wanted to make last minute changes. The answer is no. Please, if anything, over-enter your athletes.

Why is there a provisional list of starters in the 400M, 800M, 1600M and 3200M?

We are limiting the number of athletes in those races (the 800M will have 60 athletes – 5 heats, the 1600M will have 45 athletes – 3 heats, and the 3200M will have 30 athletes – 2 heats and the 400M will have 80 athletes). At our seeding meeting the committee will diligently select those who make the cut. All those who don’t make the list will be placed in order on the provisional starter’s list. As scratches are made, those on the provisional list will move up.

Which races are being considered for seeding in the 8, 16 and 32?

Coaches, we will consider results from any of these three sources (a) Loucks 2015, (b) early 2016 outdoors – but remember, entries close in early May (c) Indoors 2015-16. Yes, we will consider the indoor distances (600M, 1000M, 1500M and 3000M) and make conversions.

Make sure you list the meet and date upon which the performance was made. For coaches out of the White Plains and New York/New Jersey area, please make sure you provide a link that will prove the performance.

Why do you only consider the results from Loucks in 2015 and not other  meets from last year?

It would be unfair to ask our committee to research results from the hundreds of meets of the previous year. Also, it is a reward to those coaches who have supported our meet in the past.

Let’s say my athlete has defeated a rival 4 out of 5 times, but on that 5th time, the rival runs the fastest time that either has produced. Who is ranked higher?

It is all based upon time. The faster time would rank the rival higher on our list. We can’t exam the race history between athletes. It’s all about the time!

Once an athlete or relay is entered, can I update performances?

Yes, updates will be accepted until the day prior to our seeding meeting. Send the meet director an email, making sure you state the meet at which the performance was made.

How do I get to White Plains High School?

We are assuming that most of the new teams will be from the New England area.

We are about 20 minutes from Stamford, CT. Stay on Interstate 95 and take the exit for Interstate 287. Follow 287 Westbound on 287: Exit 9N - get off and stay on Westchester Ave to Bryant Ave. Make left onto Bryant Ave and at the 3rd traffic light make a left into the school.

If you are coming via Danbury, CT, we are approximately 45 minutes from Danbury. Follow Interstate 84 West and then exit for Interstate 684 (south). Follow I 684 south until you reach Exit 1. As you enter Exit 1 – follow The 287 sign and then the Westchester Ave sign. Upon exiting onto Westchester Ave you have to immediately get over to the left (be careful) and make a left at the first light. Cross the bridge and make a left (you’ll now be on Westchester Ave heading east). At Bryant Ave (the first light) make a right – you’ll see WPHS on the left.

OK, it’s the day of the meet? What happens?

(a)    As your bus arrives on campus, you will be instructed where to park.

(b)   Your athletes will have to walk down hill to the stadium (the bad part of that is that you’ll have to walk up hill afterwards).

(c)    Find the place where you want to sit (we have stands and grassy areas for tents)

(d)   Pick up your packet at the tent marked on the map.

(e)    Go through your packet and make sure you have all of your numbers (your athletes will get a kick out of seeing their names on their numbers). Individuals must wear numbers on the front AND back (pole vault and high jumpers only need to wear one). Relay runners do not have to wear numbers.

(f)     Read the instruction sheet.

(g)    For all running events, make sure REPEAT, make sure you go to the check-off tent and place a check next to the name of all athletes who are running. REMEMBER, if an athlete doesn’t have a check next to his or her name, we will assume that the athlete is scratched. There is no aspect to our meet that has caused more unhappiness than having a coach be told by me that his or her athlete cannot run because no check appeared next to his or her name. Believe me, it stinks for me too. Please check your athletes.

(h)    One hour prior to the running of the event, an announcement will be made that the event will be closing in two or three minutes. Then there is usually a one minute call. Once an event is announced closed, no more checks will be allowed. THE EVENT IS CLOSED. The easiest thing to do is to check the names of all of your runners as soon as you arrive.

(i)      A few minutes prior to the start of the race all athletes in that race will be called to the clerk’s tent for hip numbers and heat and lane assignments. Please make sure your athlete arrives on time.

Does the procedure differ for provisional starters in the 400M, 800M, 1600M and 3200M?

Everything is the same, with the slight exception that an announcement will be made telling us the names of those athletes who have moved up due to scratches.

The slower heats are first? Why?

The meet management feels that the faster athletes have earned the right to see just how fast they need to run, thus, they are the last ones to toe the line.

Will results be posted?

Not only will the results be posted (on the back wall of the press box), but the results will be visible virtually as the athletes cross the line – look at our beautiful Daktronics scoreboard. Pat Leone of Leonetiming is our timer - he and his crew are the best that there is.

What places receive awards?

In all varsity races and field events, the winner receives a Loucks Trophy, while places 2-5 receive medals. The frosh/soph races and the TriState Relays provide medals for places 1-5. All members of a varsity relay receive a trophy. We have an award stand upon which the top 5 athletes will receive their awards. The ceremony will take place shortly after the event is finished. We ask that all medal winners be present and dressed in uniform (for pictures).

How about relays?

In the varsity races (4 x 100, 4 X 400, 4 X 800 and East Coast Challenge DMR) all four of the relay members receives a trophy.

Are there team awards?

Yes. There are trophies for the top 3 team men’s’ team and top 3 women’s teams. Also, there is a runner up’s trophy for the team with the second highest combined total (must score at least 1 point in each category); while the team with the highest combined total wins our largest trophy.

Outstanding athlete awards?

Yes, the top athlete in each gender (as selected by our committee) will win a Lucite award symbolic of the performance as the meet’s top athlete.

There are awards in each gender for the Top Runner and the Top Field Performer.


I’m a coach who still loves to run. Are there any events for me?

Yes there are! On Thursday night we have a Master’s Mile race for anyone over 30. There are awards given for age groups 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70+. Entry information can be found at


A mile is too short and besides, we’re not arriving until Friday.

How about a 5K?  We have the Loucks 5K sponsored by the White Plains Rotary Club. It starts at 8:00 on Saturday morning before the meet. It’s a fairly flat, fast course in the streets of White Plains, finishing on the Mondo track. There are awards given for age groups 14 and under, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70+. Entry information can be found at

IMPORTANT: If you plan to have a high school athlete participate in the 5K Road Race, he or she may not participate in any Saturday track and field events at Loucks. This is an important point that, if adhered to, will keep your athletes from being disqualified. Again, AN ATHLETE COMPETING IN THE 5K ROAD RACE MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY EVENT ON SATURDAY (INCLUDING RELAYS).

Is an athlete allowed to run on Thursday and/or Friday and then run in Saturday's 5K?








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