Katelyn Tuohy sets the National Record in 3200M at the 2018 Loucks Games. Tuohy set a number of national records in 2017-2018 and was also named Gatorade Female Track & Field Athlete of the Year.

Sam Morillo wins the Javelin Throw at the 2018 Loucks Games. Morillo was also named Westchester/Putnam Girls Track Athlete of the Year in 2018. 

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New from 2016


Much thought went into these changes and with our largest meet (3,449 registered athletes) we have reached full capacity. Thus we are making a few changes:


  • ·         400 Meters. In 2015 we had 13 sections of boys in the 400 Meters and the girls had a whopping 16 sections. Next year we will have 10 sections of each. To accomplish this we will limit the event to the top 80 athletes, with all others going onto the Provisional List. Since during the indoor season the 400 is not a regularly contested distance, in addition to those from indoors, we will use 2015 Outdoor times to complete our rankings. 
  • ·         100Meters/200 Meters. Let’s face it, between these two sprints the glamour event is the 100 meters. We are returning the 100 Meter finals to its rightful spot – just after the Opening Ceremonies (preliminaries will be held in the morning – top 8 making the finals). To make this move, we are switching it with the 200 Meters, which is moving to Friday. Yes, the 200 will be contested before the 100, but besides putting the 100 in its glory position the move helps meet management another way. Our participation increases greatly on Saturday from Friday (on Friday there were 79 boys who ran the 100 meters and 94 girls). On Saturday those numbers increased to 115 boys and 100 girls in the 200).
    • o   Since the 200 takes approximately twice as long as the 100, it clogged up our schedule on Saturday. If we have the same number distribution on Friday/Saturday, we will save time on Saturday – as the heats of the 100 take approximately half the time that those of the 200 take. Also, this move will better accommodate the athlete who is seeking a 200/400 double, as the races will be on separate days.
  • ·    New England 4 X400 This race will be discontinued. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! All New England schools will be able to run in the race that was formally called the TriState Relays (previously, this race was for teams from NY, NJ and CT only). What this means for teams from all states (NH, RI, ME, MA, PA, VA and any other future states) is that like the NY/NJ/CT teams, you will be able to place two teams in each of the 4X400 and 4X800 races that are not the varsity race. In addition, you can have one team in the varsity races – BUT AN ATHLETE MAY NOT RUN IN THE VARSITY RACE AND THE RACE PREVIOUSLY CALLED THE TRISTATE (OF THE SAME DISTANCE). In essence a coach could enter three 4 X800 or 4X400 teams – one in the varsity and 2 others in the race that will be called…
  • ·   The Nick Panaro Relays, which is the new name for these relays. Nick, the meet director from 1987 to 2000 was the person who created these relays. Nowadays, Nick is the assistant meet director and you can see him in the computer tent setting up heats. Section 1 coaches, we will continue to give out two sets of medals – the Nick Panaro Medal to the top five overall placers and then, after review, the top five teams from Section 1 (Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess and Putnam Counties in New York) will receive medals.
  • ·        Last year we had 25 boys and 34 girls compete in the pentathlon – far too many. We are going to limit that number to approximately 15 for each gender. To help accomplish that goal we will take performances from the 2015 outdoor season. We will also consider performances from the 2015-16 indoor season. With that in mind many of you might want to consider participation in first ever Dream Big Invitational which is being held at the Armory on February 26th. Contact Tim Fulton for more information.

Since this event is going to be limited, and since many of you will be entering some of your top individuals, I HIGHLY recommend that you enter those athletes in other events – just in case he or she doesn’t make the cut. 

The last item is not really a change, but rather a plea from me. As all of you are aware, our system for clerking requires the coaches to go to the “CHECK-OFF TENT” and place a check next to the name of those athletes who are going to run that day. Any athlete who is not checked is considered to be scratched.


We remind you with a flyer in your packet, a label on your packet, a call that the event will be closing in a few minutes and then a final call that the event is closing in one minute. Yet, somehow last year at least 20 athletes/relays were not allowed to participate because the coaches failed to follow the simple procedure of checking off the athletes.


We have to have this policy – it would be impossible for the clerks to properly seed the races without knowing just who has showed up for it. You folks travel far distances (in some cases)and pay good money (in all cases)  for you to have to be told that your athlete cannot run because there was no check next to his or her name.


My plea is this: DOUBLE CHECK to make sure that you checked off the athlete/relay. Make sure that you’ve done it – don’t send the athletes to do it. Do it as soon as you arrive that day.




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