New from 2016
Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 10:38AM
Loucks Games


Much thought went into these changes and with our largest meet (3,449 registered athletes) we have reached full capacity. Thus we are making a few changes:


Since this event is going to be limited, and since many of you will be entering some of your top individuals, I HIGHLY recommend that you enter those athletes in other events – just in case he or she doesn’t make the cut. 

The last item is not really a change, but rather a plea from me. As all of you are aware, our system for clerking requires the coaches to go to the “CHECK-OFF TENT” and place a check next to the name of those athletes who are going to run that day. Any athlete who is not checked is considered to be scratched.


We remind you with a flyer in your packet, a label on your packet, a call that the event will be closing in a few minutes and then a final call that the event is closing in one minute. Yet, somehow last year at least 20 athletes/relays were not allowed to participate because the coaches failed to follow the simple procedure of checking off the athletes.


We have to have this policy – it would be impossible for the clerks to properly seed the races without knowing just who has showed up for it. You folks travel far distances (in some cases)and pay good money (in all cases)  for you to have to be told that your athlete cannot run because there was no check next to his or her name.


My plea is this: DOUBLE CHECK to make sure that you checked off the athlete/relay. Make sure that you’ve done it – don’t send the athletes to do it. Do it as soon as you arrive that day.




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