Almost There
Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 1:22PM
Loucks Games

Two Minute Week Warning



Folks, I know that many of you are down at Penn – I’m heading there tomorrow (Friday).


As we get within two weeks of Loucks I just want to emphasize a few points:



  1. Thank you for your continued support of our meet. We are proud of the team effort that the City, school district, and athletic department do to put this meet together.
  2. Presently, we have 259 schools entered (not teams – schools – many of whom have two teams – one of each gender). We expect our biggest meet ever.
  3. Monday – April 30th - all paperwork is due in our office.
  4. Yes, you may scan it and email it to
  5. YES, you may fax it 914-422-0094.
  6. YES, you can deliver it the school’s main office – 550 North Street/WP
  7. Yes, a PO counts as proof of payment.
  8. Anyway that you deliver it, please have it in my hands by Monday.
  9. Monday, April 30th is the deadline to enter on  (DA). YOU MUST ENTER YOUR ATHLETES THERE.

10.  If your entries aren’t on DA by 4/30 please read about the results of the meet, as your team will miss out.

11.  After the deadline, you will not be able to access DA.

12.  For updating your previously-entered athletes you will have until noon on Sunday, May 6th to update your performances via email to me.

13.  NO, NO, NO. You may not change events or try to add new athletes. This is only for pre-entered athletes. Please save me the trouble of telling you “NO” – don’t ask.

14.  Our seeding meeting takes place on Monday evening, May 7th. There are 30 of us, who are divided into teams. These teams look at a single gender, single event only (example: boys mile or girls 3200).

15.  We are only using performances from indoors 2017-18 and this outdoor season. That is it. If your athlete ran 4:11 last outdoor season and this indoors his best was 4:17, the latter is what we will use. Already I’ve received several emails about “_______ looks in great shape and should be in the top heat.” Get him/her entered and into a race by 5/5 to update the performance.

16.  Please save our committee time, only enter true times.

17.  On Tuesday, May 8th, in the late morning/ early afternoon I hope to have all of the accepted athletes on our website.

18.  Remember, we have done away with the Provisional lists and are only accepting the following numbers in each event:

19.  800 Meters - 64 athletes                  
1600 Meters - 48 athletes             
3200 Meters - 32 athletes (same with the steeple)

20.  Pent – 15 to 16


21.  The best way to get me is by email.


22.  At the meet – don’t forget to go to the checkoff tent and circle the number next to your runner/relay. Failure to do so will result in his/her/their inability to run.



We’ll see you in two weeks.



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