Katelyn Tuohy sets the National Record in 3200M at the 2018 Loucks Games. Tuohy set a number of national records in 2017-2018 and was also named Gatorade Female Track & Field Athlete of the Year.

Sam Morillo wins the Javelin Throw at the 2018 Loucks Games. Morillo was also named Westchester/Putnam Girls Track Athlete of the Year in 2018. 

Glenn D. Loucks Field 
White Plains High School
White Plains, New York 

 Home of the Tigers 

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In 2018 we welcomed back the honorees pictured above, all of whom
had great days at Loucks in a year that ended with an "8".
Who are these track and field greats? Click here for the answer. 

Who is invited back for 2019? 


Welcome to the 52nd  Annual Glenn D. Loucks Games


Since 1968, the Glenn D. Loucks Memorial Games in White Plains, NY has stood for excellence.  We are regarded by many as offering one of the top high school meets in the United States. In 2015, a record 3,449 competitors registered for our three-day meet.

The 2019 Games (May 9th- 11th) promises to provide excellent competition for all who participate. Annually we receive teams from all across New York State (including New York City), Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Internationally, over the years, competitors have joined us from Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec and Bermuda.


Pictured are three of the four directors in the meet's history; the trio has led the meet for 48 of the 50 meets. (L to R) Nick Panaro (1987-2000), Ed Kehe (the founder of the meet; 1968-1984) and Fred Singleton (2001 to present). Not pictured: Carol Coram (1985 and 1986). 

The 2019 meet promises to uphold the fine tradition that this meet has provided since its inception in 1968.  

If you have any questions, please contact the meet director, Fred Singleton at theloucksgames@gmail.com or 914.422.2314. Please note that the best way to contact me is by email. I will check for phone messages almost every evening, getting back to those who called within a day or two











The 45th Glenn D. Loucks Games Will Be Here Soon!

Track fans, parents, coaches and athletes,

It's time! One of the best track meets in the United States is about to begin. The first race of the 2012 Glenn D. Loucks Games is set to begin at 5:00 on Thursday May 10th.

Much speculation has been made concerning our new policy of limiting the number of athletes in 3 races: the 800 Meters (60 athletes), the 1600 Meters (45 athletes) and the 3200 Meters (30 athletes). We felt that we needed to make this chance to better serve those in attendance, making us a better meet. 

Coaches we are sure that there is concern about the status of athletes in those races.

We will issue a list of accepted athletes and a ranking of those on the Provisional List.

To view the list of accepted athletes click here.


To view the seeds in all other races click here.

Note: these links will be activated sometime after noon on Tuesday May 10th.


2000th Trophy Awarded at 2010 Loucks Games

                                                                                At the beginning of the 2010 Glenn D. Loucks Meet, sThe 2009 High School Torch-Bearersince 1968 at the Glenn D. Loucks Games, there had been 1,995 Loucks Games trophies  awarded. These tropies  (actually known as The Olympian) were the creation of the late, world-famous sculptor, Lumen Martin Winter.

The total number of trophies does not reflect the trophies that were awarded in the 5K Road Race, the Master's Mile or the Wheelchair races, but does take into account four trophies for each of the various winning relays in the meet's 43 year history.

According to Meet Historian, Fred Singleton, who carefully studied the results from each meet, "We are at 1,995 and counting. On Thursday, after the Men's East Coast DMR Challenge Cup, we will have awarded 1,999 trophies. Thus, the leadoff leg (the 1,200 Meter leg) of the victorious team of the Women's East Coast DMR Challenge Cup will have the distinction of being handed the 2,000th trophy in meet history. That trophy will have a special engravement plate on it, symbolic of the magintude of the event. I wonder which person from which team will recieve it."

In the only event that the school entered, the Saratoga Springs girls won the race with a time of 11:54.54 (4th fastest in meet history). The winning quartet was Amanda Borroughs, Margaret MacDonald, Brianne Bellon, Keelin Hollowood. As we move forward towards the 2011 meet, we are counting down to trophy number 3,000!




2011 Loucks Games

With the continued growth of our meet, the Executive Loucks Games Committee has given meet director Fred Singleton permission to place a limit on some of the events. Thus, starting in 2010 the 800 Meters, 1600 Meters and 3200 Meters will have limits placed on the number of participants. The limits will be: 800 Meters - 60 athletes (roughly 5 heats of 12) 1600 Meters - 45 athletes (roughly 3 heats of 15) 3200 Meters - 30 athletes (roughly 2 heats of 15). Enter athletes on Directathletics (remember - no estimated performances in the 800, 1600 or 3200 meters - actual times only). Remember to list the meet at which the performance was reached.

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2011 Loucks Games

The 44th Annual Glenn D. Loucks Games are scheduled for May 12-14, 2011. The meet promises to provide another gathering of fine talent from along the East Coast.

There will be a few changes in the schedule, but we are sure that the quality of the meet will be the same.

Look for updates soon. The entry proceedure will begin in March.