We know that our meet falls early in the midseason of the outdoor season, giving very few chances for actual performances to be hit. Instead, we ask you to enter athletes who on their BEST day are capable of hitting the marks. Please be honest. A young man who runs in 400 meters in 72 seconds probably isn't going to hit the suggested mark. Neither is that 5:09 miler for boys.


Meet Standards -Please Enter Athletes Who Can Meet These Performances.

We have revised our meet standards to better reflect our clientele. Please enter those athletes (and only those athletes) who you feel are "capable of meeting the following standards".

In the past we have a lenient policy, but please don't abuse it. If you think an athlete is close to these marks, he or she should be entered. If you think on his or her best day the mark could be within reach, again, feel free to enter that athlete. If there is no way an athlete could come close to the mark, please...please...please... don't enter him or her.

Again, please enter athletes who you feel will be able to hit these standards.

 Running Events

                                  Men                                        Women

      100 Meters           11.4                                           13.0
      200 Meters           23.3                                           26.0
      400 Meters**        52.5                                           62.0
      800 Meters*       2:01.0                                        2:28.0  
    1600 Meters*       4:34.0                                        5:25.0
    3200 Meters*       9:48.0                                      11:50.0 
     High Hurdles          15.6                                            17.0
      400 Hurdles          58.5                                            69.0  
      Steeplechase    10:00.0                                       8:10.0   
      4 X 100                  44.5                                           52.7
      4 X 400               3:30.0                                        4:15.0
      4 X 800               8:25.0                                       10:05.0
      East Coast DMR 10:36.0                                      12:45.0
      Open DMR**      11:00.0                                      13:20.0 
      F/S DMR**          All Accepted                               All Accepted 
      F/S 4 X 400**     All Accepted                               All Accepted 
      Nick Panaro 4 X 4**  All Accepted                         All Accepted
      Nick Panaro 4 X 8**  All Accepted                         All Accepted        

*Again this year, we are limiting the number of athletes in certain events. We will have the following number of runners in each of these races:

  800 Meters - 64 athletes                 
1600 Meters - 48 athletes            
3200 Meters - 32 athletes.

** STARTING IN 2016 WE WILL LIMIT THE 400 METERS TO THE TOP 85 ENTRIES. We will use times from the previous indoor season and PRESENT outdoor season. NO times will be used from previous year. 

We are accepting actual times only. Results will be accepted from (a)  early outdoors 2018, and (b) indoors 2017-18. Yes, our committe will convert indoor distances.

**Teams are allowed 2 entries in each of these events: all F/S RACES, Open DMR (not the East Coast), Nick Panaro Relays.


  Field Events

       Discus                   130'                                         100"
       High Jump              5' 6"***                                   4' 6"*** 
       Javelin                   140'                                          98'
       Long Jump             19' 6"                                        17'    
       Pole Vault              11' 6"***                                 8' 6"***
       Shot Put                45'                                           34'
       Triple Jump            43'                                           35'   
       Pentathlon          2200                                      2100

Please note we will limit the size of the pentathlon fields. To assure that your athlete is able to compete at Loucks (in case they don't hit the cutoff) we suggest that you enter them in other events besides the pentathlon.