Chairperson for Loucks Games Housing
Sarina Russell 
(914) 948-2131

Housing Help

         One of the great traditions of the Glenn D. Loucks Games is the housing of athletes in the homes of families in the White Plains area. This fine gesture allows teams to cut their financial costs (not needing hotel rooms), allowing more athletes to compete in the games.

Over the years we have been fortunate to have had a loyal following of families who have enjoyed the experience of housing out-of-state or upstate athletes in their homes. Some of these families have forged long-lasting relationships with their guests. Year after year some of the families have asked us to continue to house athletes from the same school. In fact many families have been host families for more than 2 decades.

There are only a few responsibilities for the housing families.

1. After the free dinner in the cafeteria, pick up your athletes.
2. Provide them a place to sleep that night.
3. On Saturday morning provide a small breakfast - most of the athletes won't eat much prior to that's day's competition.
4. Take the athletes to the track.
5. That's it, although you are allowed to cheer for your guests at the meet.

We have reached the point of needing new families. Please help us.We have reached a desperate situation.

For more information about housing, please call the Chairperson for Loucks Games Housing,Sarina Russell  (914) 948-2131.