Loucks Board of Directors

Although the Loucks Games take place just three days out of the year, our Board of Directors works tirelessly year round to ensure a quality competition is enjoyed by all.  This group of volunteers is committed to keeping the spirit of Glenn D. Loucks, and the the track and field games named after him, alive and well for future generations of athletes and track fans alike.

Fred Singleton Meet Director & Chairman of Board of Directors

Michael Baker Corporate Liaison

Matt Cameron Athletic Director, WPCSD

Stephen Casarella Director of Events

Hugh Colvin Corporate Fundraising, VIP Gifts

Dana Comfort Treasurer, Corporate Fundraising

Joan Cruz Hospitality

Jennifer DeMilio PTA Liaison

Mary Donahoe Awards Presenter, VIP Gifts

Tim Donahoe Awards Presenter

Laureen Fitzgerald Awards Presenter, VIP Gifts

Dan Furry Coordinator of Student Volunteers

Charlie Goldberger Rotary Liaison, 5K Race Coordinator

Mike Greenspan Director of Officials, Announcer

Kathy Loucks Special Projects

John Marino Media

Emerly Martinez Principal, White Plains High School

John McCarthy Special Projects

Charlie Norris Board of Ed Liaison

Nick Panaro Assistant to Meet Director, Computer Clerk

Frank Stefanelli Director of Facilities & Operations, WPCSD

Chuck Stogel Announcer & Press Coordinator

Greg Wilson Special Projects

Support Staff

Jake Harrison Security Liaison

Aimee Lepe Loucks Board Secretary